Wawa Fun Valley

Enjoy wholesome, quality playtime with family and friends, surrounded by greenery and fresh mountain air. 

Wawa Fun Valley features 7 exciting activities, which you can enjoy the whole day for just RM25 per person!

1) Obstacle Course (8 challenges)
2) Crazy Golf (9 holes) 
3) Archery (2 targets)
4) Paintball Target Shooting (2 targets, 10 bullets per person free, RM20 for 60 extra bullets)
5) Catch-n-Release Fishing 
6) Janda Baik Tourist Drive (1 free map for the group)

1) Obstacle Course.

Our wooden obstacle course features 8 exciting challenges to overcome, modeled after US military training equipment. The 8 challenges are:
  • Creepy Crawley
  • Rolling Pins
  • Spider Web
  • Tarzan
  • Cheeky Monkey
  • The Underbelly
  • Island Hopper
  • Blind Net

2) 9-holes Crazy Golf 

Super fun for kids and adults alike, especially when you turn it into a friendly match!

3) Archery Range

Develop your marksmanship with bow and arrow in an attractive tree-lined setting.

4) Paintball Target Shooting 

Develop your marksmanship with paintball guns (markers), on different sizes, shapes and types of targets. The first 10 bullets per person is free. Additional bullets are charged at RM20 for 60, and can be shared amongst your group. 

5) Catch-n-Release Fishing

Our beautifully landscaped fishpond teams with 7 varieties of freshwater fish to catch. You will definitely land a fish...the question is how many??

Our fish tastes delicious because they are 100% organic and are bred in running water. You may take home the fish you catch for RM15/kilo. 

6) Janda Baik Tourist Drive

Radiant Retreats was the first to develop a Tourist Map of Janda Baik, with the help of our wonderful interns from University Putra Malaysia, and the enthusiastic cooperation of the local people and businesses.

Bring along a copy of this unique and useful map, and visit the recommended sites, such as the trails and riverside picnic spots, SWAT Paintball grounds (for exhilarating wargames), Everything Good Goat Farm (try the delicious chilled flavoured goat's milk!), the ATV center, Kopi and Kraf, d'Ark heritage buildings, Sailor's Rest houseboat, scenic Saufiville (for their famous scones with cream and berries), and many more.

Just take note that you should always call ahead to check on availability. Janda Baik is still a quiet rural area, and businesses are not optimized to receive a steady stream of visitors. They love having you visit, but you need to give them a heads-up!

Hikes should ALWAYS be accompanied by a local guide, unless you are already very familiar with Janda Baik. Ask at Kathy's Kitchen or call Ojai of SWAT at 019 971 7338 to arrange.  

Here's the recipe for making a perfect day in Janda Baik!

1) Call Wawa Fun Valley to let us know you are coming (preferably at least 1 day in advance). Pre-order your lunch. Discuss what else you would like to do during the day, and we will advise you on your planning.
2) Plan ahead with the other attractions you want to visit in Janda Baik.
3) Start your day playing at Wawa Fun Valley. Buy our Janda Baik Tourist Map.
4) Have a wonderful lunch at Kathy's Kitchen.
5) Go for your kampung drive/ river swim / picnic. Visit the many other attractions in Janda Baik. 
6) Come back for tea or dinner at Kathy's Kitchen and continue playing at Wawa Fun Valley.
7) Depart Janda Baik with a car full of tired and happy kids, and a bonnet full of wonderful memories.

Lastly, remember to drive slowly, as you may encounter goats, cows, buffalo, wildlife and cycling kids on the roads. And remember to relax and smile! You are in a "kampung" and things happen at a different pace here, but open your heart, and you will be rewarded with a delightfully different and wonderful experience!


Wawa Fun Valley is open from 8:30am to 7pm every day except Monday. If Monday is a public holiday, then we will be open, and closed on the next day.

We highly recommend that you call / SMS / Whatsapp / email us in advance, to ensure we are open to the public when you plan to come, as occasionally Wawa Fun Valley can get booked for exclusive private functions. 

Najwa: 012 515 0226
Hanis: 013 369 7460
Hana: 012 2810 877
Email: info@radiant-retreats.com

Children of all ages are welcome and only those aged 5 years and above are charged. 
Children ages 10 and below require adult supervision.
Adults accompanying children are charged the same. Only those choosing to stay within the Kathy's Kitchen area will not be charged.

Pricing for Wawa Fun Valley on a Free and Easy basis is RM25 per person.

Free and Easy pricing assumes self-supervision and does not include instructors' fees. Instructors need to be booked 24 hours beforehand, and is suitable for larger groups of 20+ pax.

For Free and Easy, please register at Kathy's Kitchen and a Radiant Retreats employee will provide you with all the equipment and basic directions. 

Have fun!! 

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