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As a student in the UK, Radiant Retreats founder Hanis Harun had the opportunity to work towards her Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award, an experience which she found truly eye-opening and ultimately life-shaping. It was the DofE that taught her about the importance of expanding her scope beyond home and school, to be able to manage and eventually lead in difficult situations, to have courage and resilience, to develop a gracious manner that cuts through cultures, to commit to and advance causes, and to help develop others who come after her.

In other words, going from being an all rounder ... to becoming a well-rounded person. From chasing As and extra-curricular achievements, to actually becoming a self-aware person of value, with values.

These formative experiences have been instrumental to her later successes as an international corporate leader, as a wife and mother of 3 kids, and now as a sought-after educator of the younger generation. 

At Radiant, we believe that all Malaysian kids should have the chance to go through similarly valuable, enriching and life-shaping experiences, but tailored to our local environment and context, and with more structured skills-acquisition, to compensate for the typical lack of physical aptitude and savvy amongst our sheltered kids today! 

Hence, the birth of the
Radiant Award™, Bronze, Silver and Gold! 

Our vision is that, by working towards their Radiant Award™, children and teens will develop strong qualities of Leadership, Competence, Courage and Grace, to set them up for success and happiness in all the roles they choose to play in the future, from home, to school, to work, in Malaysia, and around the world. 

We believe that good values and soft skills should be learnt from a young age, and that attitudes and behavioural tendencies tend to have "hardened" by the time kids reach their teens. So children as young as 8 years olds are encouraged to start  working towards their Radiant Bronze Award.

The 3 core pillars of the Radiant Award™ are ~

1) Holistic and Wholesome Curriculum

The curriculum on which the Radiant Award™ is built embodies our goal of ensuring wholesome, balanced and multi-dimensional development for our children and youths, grounded in the challenges of today's world.

We firmly believe that, in order for them to fulfill their potential across all their future roles, it is not enough for youths to have knowledge, leadership ability and drive. They also need to be have compassion, appealing grace and charisma, and impeccable ethics. Even then, these assets are not optimized without competencies which provide the savvy to turn thoughts into action, and action to positive impact.  

These are the beliefs which underpin the development of our holistic, rich curriculum.

Our Radiant Award™ curriculum emphasizes Character-Building, Leadership-Development and Competency-Growth (CLC), within all three spheres of our children's lives, the Personal Sphere, Interpersonal Sphere and Societal Sphere.

2) Immersive, Experiential Learning

We firmly believe that soft skills and values cannot be fully appreciated, learnt and absorbed, unless it is experienced.

Accordingly, after an initial introduction of the key concepts, the main learning of our curriculum happens 
experientially, in residential outdoor camps, away from the predictability of home and classroom. Our Nature Camps are carefully designed to specifically provide the actual experiences and challenges which encourage insight, drive home the right messages, and ensure each lesson is impactful and memorable. 

"Nothing teaches time management and delegation like having your raft sink in the lake because nobody tied the tubes on, in the time given." Hanis Harun

Furthermore, each camp day ends with a sharing, reflection and journalling session, moderated by skilled facilitators, which ensures the messages are absorbed and retained for the future.

For more information about each Nature Camp, click Here.

For more information about each CLC Camp, click Here.

3) Structured Progression Through Levels

"The best leaders are made, not born." General Sir Colin Powell.

Not all children are born extroverted, confident, assertive and oozing with charisma. Yet, we firmly believe that those who formally learn the qualities of good leaders, the mechanics of persuasion, the habits of graciousness, and other important soft skills embedded in our curriculum, will end up better practioners of these skills than those with just raw talent.

This is because children who formally learn these skills, in a structured manner, will exercise them with full self awareness, conceptual knowledge, contextual understanding ... and the accumulated wisdom born of early exposure.

Accordingly, to facilitate this learning process, and to ensure appropriate laddering of skills from fundamental soft skills to higher order soft skills, The Radiant Award™ curriculum is structured into 3 levels:

 - This level is about Learning and Collaborating. The sphere of focus is the Personal Sphere.

Silver - This level is about Contributing and Leading. The sphere of focus is the Interpersonal Sphere.

 - This level is about Adding Value to Others. The sphere of focus is the Societal Sphere.

The Radiant Awards™ curriculum is delivered systematically to aspirants, camp-by-camp. Each of our 10 Nature Camps, 3 CLC Camps and 2 Placements covers a unique set of learning modules, which together ensure full coverage of the entire curriculum. 


Click here to go to Nature Camps.
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Simply attending the designated camps does not earn the participant a Radiant Award™. Here are the expectations of abilities and values embodiment commensurate with each level!

Each aspirant who starts their Radiant Awards™ journey will be given a Progress Card which will be completed by, and discussed with, Camp Leaders at the end of every camp, to keep track of the aspirant's progress towards attaining their award.

Every year, successful Award earners will be celebrated at the Radiant Award™ Ceremony and (with their permission), their Radiant Award™ Journey immortalized in our online journal, to be an inspiration for other children!

All of the above, makes the Radiant Award™ program simply the best, most complete, most relevant child enrichment program available today. And, as attested to by hundreds of parents and children it is a journey your child will simply love!

Talk to us about starting your child on their journey towards a Radiant Award™, and everything that it stands for!
Hanis 013 3697460 / Hana 012 2810877


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