Nature Camps at Radiant Retreats!

Radiant Nature Camps
are overnight nature-themed camps run by our team of highly experienced instructors who are excellent with kids and youths. Each camp has specific Outdoor Skills and CLC (Character, Leadership and Competency) focus areas, along with activities we do just for the fun of it! 

Nature Camps 
are designed to encourage children and teens ages 8 to 20 years old to

1) Learn useful wilderness and outdoor skills, develop a love for nature and build confidence, courage and resilience for the outdoors.

2) Enjoy themselves, interact with children from many backgrounds, learn how to handle themselves in new social settings, make new and enduring friends and develop good character.

3) Learn and absorb important soft skills and competencies through the experiences we provide them, specifically in leadership, team-working, organization, communication and advocacy.

There are
7 Levels of Nature Camps to choose from, banded into 3 Levels.

Level Camps are all about learning and collaborating as a team.

Campers learn the most important wilderness skills needed to stay safe and thrive in nature, such as building shelter, navigation, finding safe food and water, making fire and so on. We also focus on learning about Malaysia's ecology, including issues regarding conservation and sustainable agriculture. Additionally, campers gain experience on varied outdoor skills like rafting, horse-riding, hiking, marksmanship and so on.

The CLC focus at the Bronze Level is developing the soft skills to be independent and thrive in group-settings, including Self-Leadership, Team-Working, Communication Skills and the values of Love of Learning, Appreciating Diversity and Gracious Habit.

All this takes place within the safe, comfortable grounds and natural surroundings of Radiant Retreats, Janda Baik, the UTM Campus in Johor Bahru and Radiant Retreats, Penyabong.

SILVER Level Camps take campers to our beach site in Penyabong, Mesing, Johor as well as to a popular campsite in Gopeng, Perak and finally back to an advanced camp at Gunong Nuang, Janda Baik, Pahang.

These are where the skills campers learnt in Bronze will be applied independently and new skills added on. While remaining under the watchful eye of the trainers, campers are expected to fully contribute to the group, and to manage themselves independently.

Additionally, at the Silver Level we focus significantly on building the Team Leadership and Organizational Skills campers will need to take on actual team leadership roles at the Gold Level. Values emphasized are Courage, Ethics and Integrity, and Service to Others. 

GOLD Level Camps take place in more rugged surroundings, such as uninhabited islands and mountain top campsites which are not pre-set with campsite facilities. Campers are expected not only to be able to manage the camp, but to also add value to these expeditions, such as in planning, pre-expedition logistics, scouting, building waterproof and habitable elevated shelters and so on.

Before completing Gold, they must also show good ability in taking care of, leading and developing younger campers, by working as camp counselors at the Bronze Level camps. And they will be required to develop the critical thinking, savvy judgement and assertiveness style needed for Crisis Leadership. 

Finally, Gold Campers are expected to be role models with high character, embodying resilience, charisma and a commitment to living a life of value, as well as having the ability and desire to advocate for important causes.

Read on for more details about each nature camp below. All photos are of the actual camps in action!



 (Level 1) 
is for 1st timers, and gives a broad introduction across many ecology and survival topics, but without the depth of the higher level camps. Campers receive introductions to hiking, water confidence, 1st Aid, knots, shelter, signaling, navigation, fire-making, trapping and fishing.

At Starter Camp, we also focus on the soft skills needed to thrive at camp, such as independence, sharing, caring for others and working as a team. For many of our campers, this is their first time away from their parents, and we are committed to ensuring that they gain the confidence and desire to take bigger steps towards independence!

Many outdoor activities and games are built in, such as archery, paintball war games, obstacle challenge, fun river tubing and campfire games, so we do get many experienced campers at Starter Camp too, who just want to chill and enjoy themselves!

By the end of Starter Camp, our goal is to have developed campers who feel assured and excited about continuing on the rest of the journey towards becoming confident and self-sufficient outdoorsmen for life!

Recommended Ages: 8 to 14 years

Price: RM480

(45 minutes from KL)


ECO CONSERVATION CAMP (Level 2) has a firm focus on learning about nature. Activities revolve around interaction with the flora and fauna of Malaysia, including a visit to the Krau Wildlife Researve, Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary and Deerland for the Janda Baik Camp, and a visit to the Marine Ecology Research Center, Rocky Shoreline Ecosystem and Mangrove Ecosystems for the Penyabong Camp. 

At our Level 2 nature camps, we focus on just 2 or 3 wilderness skills at each camp, to ensure optimal hands-on learning. For the Eco Conservation camp, the wilderness skills in question are Building Shelter and Setting Up a Working Campsite, making simple Bamboo Gadgets for use at the campsite, and some Foraging for Food from natural environments. 

Our 1 hour hikes at this camp go through beautiful primary rainforest, to the pristine 7-tier Ulu Tampit waterfall for the Janda Baik camp, and to Bukit 82/85 for the Penyabong camp.

By the end of Eco Conservation camp, we aim to have developed campers who have gained a deeper appreciate for the beauty, power and vulnerability of our natural environment, and who are also more confident and competent in operating within that environment.

Recommended Ages: 8 to 14 years for Janda Baik and 10 to 16 years for Penyabong. 
Price: RM480 in Janda Baik (3D2N) and RM780 in Penyabong (4D3N)

(45 minutes from KL)



AGRO EQUESTRIAN CAMP (Level 2) focuses on food sources, agriculture and farming, with an exciting introduction to the world of horses. 

For the Janda Baik Camp, the Equestrian segment takes place at the beautiful Happy Paradise grounds in Janda Baik, while for the Johor Bahru Camp, it takes place at the impressive stables and paddocks of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The sessions include learning about equine care and feeding, as well as a horse-riding lesson and lead out ride for beginners.

The camp focuses on wilderness skills relating to food, specifically Fire-Making & Outdoor Cooking, Foraging for Food and Sourcing Clean Water.

Still related to food, campers go for study visits to farms which employ sustainable and green practices, to deepen their knowledge on cultivating food sources.

By the end of the Agro Equestrian camp, we aim to have developed campers who have gained a better understanding of cultivation and agriculture, have more confidence in securing food and water within a natural environment, and have developed familiarity with horses, man's best friend in agriculture.

Recommended Ages: 9 to 15 years for Janda Baik, 10 to 16 years for Johor Bahru.
Price: RM490

(45 minutes from KL)



ADVENTURE SPORTS CAMP (Level 2) is focused on developing campers' physicality, courage and critical-thinking, through a large variety of adrenaline pumping but safe sporting activities.

The adventure sports that campers will enjoy include basics of abseiling, rope climbing, the high ropes course at Sky Trex Shah Alam (where they can choose between 3 levels of difficulty), multiple safe river crossing techniques, river tubing and strategy and physical games such as Impaired Obstacles, Orchard Treasure and Paintball War Games.

Wilderness skills are not forgotten, with a solid lesson in map-reading and orienteering by an expert.

Through these many fun, action-packed activities, campers will learn to overcome fears, think on their feet, think critically, take leadership and collaborate well in a team. They will also build up their physical, spiritual and mental endurance.

Recommended Ages: 11 and above. 

Price: RM520


WILDERNESS SKILLS CAMP  is a Level 3 Radiant Camp and more suited to campers with some experience in outdoor camping. The focus is on sharpening knowledge and skills learnt in the past, through practical application in a forest setting. 

Some of the more challenging wilderness skills which will be learnt at this camp includes building an elevated shelter 4 feet from the ground, making their own animal and fish traps, making more complex bamboo gadgetry for use at camp, building and moving on bamboo rafts in a lake and emergency rescue simulation in a wilderness setting. The emphasis will be on campers undertaking these tasks hands-on! 

There are also modules on wilderness and urban survival, and 1st aid and CPR training to equip campers with the knowhow and confidence to deal with situations of danger. 

The obligatory nature hike covers the first 40% of the track up Gunung Nuang, Selangor's tallest peak, which presents a reasonable uphill challenge, and a beautiful reward in the form of the tall Chemperoh Waterfall.  

There are multiple fun highlights at the Wilderness Skills Camp, including the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Experience, where campers 15 years and above will drive their own ATV, while younger campers enjoy an exhilarating ride as a passenger, and the Paintball War Game in Advanced Mode!

By the end of camp, our goal is to have produced campers who are ready to operate independently in a nature-setting if called for, and who will do a good job of it!

Recommended Ages: 12 years and above. 

Price: RM550



MARINE ADVENTURE CAMP is a Level 4 Radiant Camp, and is only suited to experienced campers who already know the basics. 

Based at a pristine beachside campsite at Teluk Sari, Mersing, owned by Radiant Retreats, campers remain under the watchful supervision of Radiant's team of trainers, but independently set-up and manage their living quarters, prepare their own meals and look after safety aspects such as shared sentry duty.

Marine Adventure campers are introduced to a host of exciting new skills and experiences, including sea kayaking, making tools and traps for foraging on the beach, undertaking an orienteering race within the kampung, completing a survival-themed explorace across two beautiful bays, and abseiling down a 50 meter natural rock face.

We also spend significant time learning about and reflecting on team leadership, and honing each individual's leadership style and abilities throughout the camp.

The camp also includes a segment on volunteering, to aid the local population or environment, in order to develop more appreciation for helping others.

By the end of Marine Adventure Camp, campers will be able to camp independently, will know how to safely enjoy multitude outdoor activities in a marine setting, and will be significantly more aware and proficient at leading others.

Recommended Ages: 13 and above. Best for those who have done outdoor camping before.

Price: RM780


 is a Level 4 Radiant Camp, and takes places in the rainforests around Gopeng, Perak. It is only suitable for experienced campers who already know the basics.

Based at the campsite of a popular resort, campers enjoy a variety of land and river-based adventure activities including waterfall abseiling, caving, hiking up a mountain and whitewater tubing or rafting.

At Radiant Camps, we believe that outdoor experiences must impart lasting skills to our campers, and not just thrill-for-the-moment
. Outdoor skills learnt at Terra Adventure Camp include advanced knots for climbing, tree climbing techniques, executing a river crossing safely in waist level water and executing a search and rescue in the jungle.  At the same time, campers will continue practicing independent camp management, including cooking and caring for themselves, under our trainers' supervision.

As with all Silver Level camps, significant time is spent on the subject of leadership development and discussions on the values of courage, ethics and service to others. 
In line with this, the camp ends with a community service segment to further a conservation cause.
By the end of Terra Adventure Camp, campers will be familiar with a number of more adventurous activities and know how to execute them safely, will have developed their team leadership skills further, and will have strengthened their values of courage, ethics and service to others.

Recommended Ages: 13 years and above. Best for those who have done outdoor camping before.

Price: RM790


  is a Level 5 Radiant Camp, and requires a significant degree of independence by campers. As such, it is only suitable for experienced campers who already know the basics.

The expedition starts with campers building a survival camp at the base of Gunong Nuang, complete with its own supply of freshly caught or collected food, purified water and liveable elevated shelters. To do this, campers will be utilising skills in survival fishing, trap-building, foraging, filtering, shelter-building and fire-making learnt during earlier camps.

The next day will see them tackling the peak of Nuang, the highest peak in Selangor, over a challenging day-long trek. At the end of the day, campers will return to Radiant Campsite B.

Day 3 is an exhilarating day of river tubing and mountain biking in the beautiful environment of the Janda Baik Highlands. The day is capped by an in-depth sharing and reflection session on Leadership.

Day 4 will test the students' strategic thinking skills in an extended paintball war game.

By the end of the Jungle Expedition Camp, campers will be able to independently manage themselves during an overnight camp, with minimal facilities and basic provisions. They will also be actively utilising their Silver-Level risk assessment and safety skills throughout the expedition.

Recommended Ages: 13 years and above. Best for those who have done outdoor camping before.

Price: RM790


Starting in second half of 2017!


  Our camp culture is warm and supportive. We do not believe in "Boot Camp" style practices, and want campers to enjoy themselves as they learn and grow at their own pace. 

, is always wholesome, plentiful, and tailored to kids' taste preferences as well as any dietary restrictions. We ensure campers have 4 meals a day, and free flow of drinks.


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