Character, Leadership and Competence (CLC) Camps

Radiant Retreats' CLC Camps are designed to supplement school-based learning with important enrichment in building character, developing leadership and learning new competencies. 

Our goal is to help grow young leaders with good character, who are competent in handling any situation and have the courage, resilience and positive mindset to do an outstanding job. CLC Camps are an integral part of the Radiant Award™, our complete child enrichment program.

There are 3 levels of CLC Camps ~ Bronze, Silver and Gold.

CLC Bronze Camp is for the youngest age group (8 to 13 years old), and focuses on developing
> Communication Skills (Conversational Etiquette, Active Listening, Confident Public Speaking)
> Self Leadership (Positivity, Purpose, Proactivity)
> Team-Working (Traits of Great Teams, Performing Well in Teams, Team Dynamics)
> Character Traits of Love of Learning, Gracious Habits and Appreciating Diversity.

CLC Silver Camp is for the middle age group (11 to 16 years old), and focuses on developing 
> Organization Skills (Managing for Success, Problem-Solving, The Art of Clear Thinking)
Team Leadership (The Role of The Leader, Traits of Great Leaders, Lessons in Leadership)
> Character Traits of
Ethics and Integrity, Courage to Lead and Service to Others

CLC Gold Camp is for the oldest age group (14 to 19 years old), and focuses on developing
> Advocacy Skills (Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Art of Persuasion, Smart Conflict Resolution)
> Skills to Develop Others (Principles of Coaching, Motivation and Empowerment, Coaching Practice)
> Crisis Leadership (Anatomy of Crisis, Critical-Thinking, Crisis Management)
> Characters Traits of Resilience, Charisma and Leading A Life of Value
This level also involves spending 1 week volunteering to help the needy, including understanding, ideating, planning, gathering resources, executing and forward planning for sustainability.

To gain the full benefit, children should go through all three camps, in a sequential basis. As such, we do accept older students to Bronze and Silver Camp, and will set them higher standards accordingly. 

CLC Camps at Radiant Retreats are delivered by experienced and qualified trainers in their areas. Trainers are also selected for their ability to engage with participants, motivate them and make the sessions really meaningful and memorable!

For schools and groups interested in running a CLC Camp, we can come to the location of your choice, or suggest suitable, inspiring locations for your camp.

Read more about each CLC Camp below! 

CLC Bronze Camp

CLC Silver Camp

CLC Gold Camp
Starts in second half of 2017!


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