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Every employee, whether new or seasoned, benefits from business competencies training. These are core abilities and soft skills which are critical for success and effectiveness in the workplace, such as problem-solving, persuasion, execution, leadership, innovation, change management and continuous learning.

Choose from the Radiant training modules below, all registered with the Human Resource Development Fund, and run by our talented, highly qualified training team.

For overnight training, a half-day fun team-building programme is always included for free!


Professional facilitators help businesses and teams to understand, evaluate and articulate their strategic goals. They then guide them to develop action plans which will deliver effectively on these goals.

Having a professional facilitator run your strategic sessions will ensure that they are well-managed, imbued with clear thinking through the use of smart tools and techniques, and enjoy good participant and buy-in from  participants throughout.

"Radiant Retreats were hired to support a large regional management event for us in Kuala Lumpur in May 2016. From the outset, Hanis and her team were flexible and outcome driven. They made suggested improvements to the design of activities, and provided a pair of facilitators to help deliver the event. She and her support team worked hard to ensure all of the required deliverables were achieved, and it was an absolute pleasure working with them.
If you need a corporate event to be delivered, do not hesitate to partner with Radiant Retreats!"
Simon Boag, Technip APAC.

The following diagram illustrates some of what we do for businesses and teams, but we are by no means limited to these. Discuss your pressing business or team issues with us. Professional facilitation will always help bring clarity and order to every issue!



Contact us to discuss your training needs!

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