Corporate Retreats in Johor

Johor is an ideal destination for corporate retreats from Singapore, KL, and all areas in between!

Would you like for your corporate retreat to be: 



We have great options for you, delivered end-to-end by our expert team of facilitators!

Don't forget that all our team-building is HRDF-claimable, and can also be upgraded to include important soft skills training!  


If you only have 1 day to spare, then choose from one of our 4 amazing Day Trip Itineraries below. 

If you can come to Johor Bahru for an overnight team retreat, then even better! Johor Bahru has so many exciting activities to offer, and so many nice hotels to choose from. 

We're happy to go with any itinerary you have planned, but here's an ideal one for you to consider for a 2 Day 1 Night stay ....

.... and, for those lucky enough to be able to do a 3 day 2 night retreat, how about this itinerary?

To flesh-out your itinerary, you can choose from our activities menu below. Activities are divided into 3 categories:

~ Onsite Games 

~ Fun In The Sun

~ Indoor Games

...and the
JB Day Trips #1 to #4, are detailed in the Day Trips section above.

Now that you have your amazing itinerary, where will you stay? There are dozens of good hotels to choose from in Johor Bahru.

Here's a selection, from value-for-money 3 stars, to luxurious 5 stars. 

The prices shown alongside each hotel are all-inclusize, with accommodation, meals, prize hampers and the full Radiant itinerary and service!

Are you excited to come to Johor Bahru now?!

Contact us to discuss further, and to book your amazing company retreat!!

Contact us at:
Hanis 013 3697460 / Hana 012 2810877



Penyabong is a pristine, scenic coastal region, 15 minutes north of Mersing. It is "off the beaten track", which is why it remains unspoilt and peaceful to this day. The perfect location for a fun, relaxing, memorable getaway for your team!

Penyabong is an easy 3 hour drive from Singapore or Melaka, 2 hours from Johor Bahru and 1.5 hours from Kluang. It's 4.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur, so groups from Kuala Lumpur should aim to stay at least 2 nights. 

Here are some amazing full-day itineraries for the Penyabong region.

Just choose your preferred theme and level of physical difficulty.

A ~ Marine Masterchef!  : Level 1 Difficulty (Easiest)
B ~ Day-At-The-Beach! : Level 2 Difficulty
C ~ The Eco Lover!      : Level 3 Difficulty
D ~ Coastal Capers! : Level 4 Difficulty
E ~ Adventure Race!      : Level 5 Difficulty (Most Challenging)

Now, choose your hotel, and build your ideal 2D1N, or 3D2N, or even 4D3N itinerary!

Here are some recommendations for us.
~ "Gentle" is recommended for groups with all age ranges including late 40s and 50s.
~ Prices shown are all-inclusive, with accommodation, 5 meals a day and full activities by Radiant!

You and your team will absolutely love Penyabong! It's a region everyone falls in love with. 

So contact us and ...


Phone number (call / SMS / Whatsapp): 
Hanis 0133697460, Hana 012 2810877

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