Destination Camps

Destination camps celebrate the uniqueness of famed locations around Malaysia.

They work wonderfully as Graduation Camps (at the end of primary, lower secondary and upper secondary), Team-Building Camps or Day Trips, or just fun Year-End Excursions for the whole year group.

Radiant’s current set of Destination Camps and their Themes are:

-Penang : Heritage and Culture
-Melaka : Heritage and Culture
-Cameron Highlands: Heritage and Culture
-Tadom Hills & Morib: Team-Building Fun
-Port Dickson: Team-Building Fun
-Johor Bahru: Team-Building Fun
-Pulau Tioman, Pahang: Beaches and Turtles
-Sungkai: White Water and Hot Springs

Contact us!
Hanis 0133697460 / Hana 012 2810877


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