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About Radiant Retreats

Radiant Retreats is a Malaysia-based eco-tourism, personal development and wellness company.
We believe in promoting love for nature, building competencies through interaction with nature, and advocating  holistic personal development and wellness across all ages!

Our purpose-built facilities include Radiant Retreats Janda Baik with the Radiant Nature Center, Radiant Retreats Shah Alam, and Radiant Retreats Mersing.

 At Radiant Retreats, you can be assured of bountiful nature, quality content, top class instructors, an
d superb service! 

Full Listing of 2015 Camp Dates!

Includes Nature Camps, CLC Camps and Experience Nature Family Camps, in both Janda Baik and Mersing. These are for prescheduled camps. Remember that you can always plan a private camp or retreat with us, at your convenience

AAll prices are before 6% GST.


Radiant Retreats Management


Radiant Retreats is owned by husband and wife team, Dr. Faizal Ali and Pn. Hanis Harun. Dr. Faizal spearheads the wellness aspect of our business, while Hanis leads the nature tourism and education side.

Dr. Faizal Ali (Chairman) is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital and KPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital, amongst of the largest private hospitals in Malaysia. He was previously the head of Plastic Surgery at Hospital UKM, one of the largest teaching hospitals in Malaysia, and a national referral center for plastic and reconstructive surgery.
Dr. Faizal earned his medical degree from the University of Bristol, UK, and his surgical masters from the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin as well as USM.

He has also done training stints with leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons at Charing Cross Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London.

Pn. Hanis Harun (CEO) enjoyed a successful 18 year international corporate career with two of the world's largest market intelligence companies, before pursuing her passion for working with nature and enriching young minds.

While still in her 20s and throughout her 30s, she headed teams, projects and clients spread across 5 continents. Her corporate work also took her to over 30 countries, and she has spoken at forums and seminars in 25 countries worldwide.

Hanis' goal is to help better prepare Malaysian youths to compete and thrive in the global economy, while maintaining good character and deep compassion. She holds an MBA and a law degree from the University of Bristol, UK, and was a Petronas top scholar.

Pn. Hana Harun (COO) heads operations for Radiant Retreats. She is an Imperial College of London graduate, and was a talented project and team manager for 13 years with a large IT consultancy.

Since joining Radiant Retreats, Hana's impeccable attention to detail and focus on customer service has helped us to grow into a major camping and events provider in the region.

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